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Pono Taxi provides Private and Affordable Sightseeing tours. Our tours start at 2 hours @ $120.00 for up to 6 people for our Waterfalls tour (Wailua Falls, Opaekaa Falls, and a couple of other destinations depending on if we pick up guests on the east shore or south shore of Kauai – including Spouting Horn in Poipu or Menehune Fish pond) and 6 hours for our Movie Tours. Waimea Canyon has two options with 3 and 4 hour tours, depending on how long you would like to stop for more time on the tour. The 5 hour north shore tour starts at either South Shore or East shore of Kauai.

Pono Taxi Private seeing tours can be customized, too. If you want an all day 8 hour tour, just let us know. We can cover the Waimea Canyon, parts of the South and North Shore.

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Kauai: Hawaii’s Incredible Isle

The fourth largest island of the state of Hawaii, Kauai lies amid the clear waters of the Pacific. 90 percent of this island is covered by beaches, making this an extraordinarily elite location for sightseeing and activities on Kauai. Right from its luminous white sand lagoons and navy blue bays down to the protuberant waves, this island has a majestic setting. Around 45 percent of the coastline is visibly secluded, creating a personal and romantic atmosphere. On visiting Hawaii islands, sightseeing Kauai Islands will put aside your troubles, enjoying its sultry scenery and astonishing heritage. So be prepared to enjoy Kauai sightseeing tours and adopt the celebrated aloha spirit thriving in this resplendent garden island of Kauai!

Season Time for Kauai Sightseeing Tours:

There are two major tourist seasons that are perfect for tours in Kauai Hawaii; from December through April, and June to September. The island is generally crowded in the month of August and during Christmas and you can get discount Kauai tours during the rest of the year.

Kauai Island is beautiful throughout the year and isn’t anything as the "best sightseeing in kauai" experience. In fact, you can enjoy different Kauai island tours, like helicopter tours Kauai inter-island, submarine tour Kauai Hawaii, bird tours Kauai, dolphin tours Kauai, Hollywood movie tours Kauai,etc.

It depends on the kind of sightseeing on Kauai you are looking out for on this island. You can enjoy the electrifying environment of zip line tours Kauai has to offer or the serene silence of the boat tours Kauai offers.

Here is a one of our Kauai sightseeing tips – the islands famous for its rain, so take pleasure in moving around in the rain and if you enjoy waterfalls then winter is your time. On the other hand the summer hardly presents any rain, so you can choose according to your preference; we recommend the sailing tours Kauai offers.

Beaches and land tours Kauai:

Although zip line tours in Kauai are famous for its foreboding mountains, imposing cliffs and canyons, it is most popular for its gorgeous beaches. You have a 50-mile coastline for Kauai sightseeing, which has the north shore beaches of Anini Beach Park, Hanalei Bay Beach Park, Kee Beach and Lumahai Beach; Eastside beaches of Lydgate Beach Park, Kalapaki Beach and Kealia Beach; South shore beach of Poipu Beach Park and west side beaches of Salt Pond Beach Park and Kekaha Beach.
We take our vacationers on a trip to all the major beaches and many more.

Hiking Trails:

Kauai tours sightseeing Hawaii with hiking is an ideal way to experience natural grandeur directly as 90 percent of the island is unapproachable by road. The most popular Kauai tours sightseeing in Hawaii is the North Shore’s tricky 11-mile trail of Kalalau that lies beside the coast of Napali. We have acquired permits for sightseeing in Kauai, hikes and camping trips arranged for our day-trippers. Without these permits the tourists will have to limit their hikes to the diversion leading to Hanakapiai Beach, two miles into the hike.

The West Side Kauai Hawaii sightseeing tours features Kokee State Park and the Waimea Canyon. Kokee State Park tenders the finest Kauai Hawaii sightseeing hiking trails that lead into picturesque sceneries and are family friendly. The Black Pipe is one such zipline tours in Kauai trail that provides both beauty and easy conveyance in the case of a family trip.

We prevent threats to your wellbeing by using safety precaution and guidelines to ensure an unforgettable experience when you are on Kauai tours.

Kauai tour boats - Kayaking:

Tours in Kauai Hawaii also includes boat trips on navigable rivers that lie mainly in Kauai, and makes kayaking a popular element of an exclusive vacation. At Pono Taxi, we have Kauai tours that take you paddling down the legendary river courses of the Wailua River on the East Side. The sailing tours Kauai are popular for its thriving jungle backdrop, the Huleia River in Lihue, the longest river of Hanalei lying in the North Shore. Boat tours Kauai include ocean kayaking, which is another trendy option to consider.

Kauai kayak tours at the South Shore’s Napali Coast are regarded by National Geographic as the runner up in the nation’s adventure sightseeing and activities on Kauai. The constant unpredictability of the seas makes it mandatory to hire a guide; we would be obliged to be at your service for these Kauai tours.

Natural Wonders for sightseeing and activities on Kauai:

Being the oldest of Hawaii’s eight islands, Kauai has an ageless beauty which is noticeable through its fertile mountains, heavenly beaches and rich gardens. The National Tropical Gardens sightseeing on Kauai comprising of McBryde Garden (headquarters), Allerton Garden and Limahuli Garden Preserve are a must see. They cover an area of 1339 acres in totality and the world famous Moreton Bay Fig trees that were seen in "Jurassic Park", lie in the Allerton Garden.

Here is another one of our Kauai sightseeing tips - The Waimea Canyon, often called the Grand Canyon of Hawaii is situated in the hub of the west side. It is famous for its stunning view of the Kalalau valley and tropical green cover of the forest and is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

Where to Snorkel in Kauai?

The reefs of Haena Beach Park and Kee Beach are incredible places for snorkeling on Kauai while Anini Beach has a perfect lagoon for beginners. Lydgate Beach Park and Poipu Beach State Park present a protected lagoon especially for children who are interested in Kauai snorkel tours.

Additionally, Kauai has an assortment of scuba diving spots for amateurs and professional alike. Experienced divers will be more satisfied with the best places to snorkel in Kauaion the west and east shores, while beginners will be content with the south and north shores Kauai snorkeling experience. We assist in the getting you the best snorkel tours Kauai by providing diving gear and equipment, while our professional divers will be there to provide step by step support.

Surf’s UP on your Kauai tours!

We encourage our clientele to feel the delight of surfing by taking a lesson or two, and our well qualified instructors will take you through the procedure using their completely foolproof methods. Kite Surfing and paddle boarding are extremely popular with the newcomers at sites like Hanalei Bay. Each Lesson lasts for an hour or so. Why don’t you try your hand at this along with your sightseeing and activities on Kauai, and see where it takes you.

We at Pono Taxi promote many other activities like zip lining, whale-watching mountain-tubing and so on as a part of your Kauai tours. If you feel like trying these stimulating activities on you tours in Kauai Hawaii please do contact us, and we will turn your dream into reality. Hope this was informative enough, so till we hear from you ALOHA!!!!!!