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Q. Is the price per person or per van?

A. The price is per van, not per person. Our minivans can hold up to 5 people for airport transportation.

Q. If I want a refund, what is your cancellation policy.

A. You must call in 808-634-4744 and cancel before our 24 hour cancellation policy in order to receive a full refund. If you cancel within our 24 hour policy, you will get charged 100%. This is due to scheduling of vehicles that are done within 24 hours.

Q. But you are a taxi company, how can you have accept prepaid payments?

A. Pono Holdings, LLC DBA Pono Taxi, also owns Pono Express. When creating pickups, we offer either our metered vehicle or our Express vehicle that allows for prepayment and flat rate pricing. We will not know which vehicle will be dispatched, only what is available.

Q. Why do you ask for a credit card reservation over the phone?

A. In order to confirm your reservation over the phone, we will need a credit, as if you become a no show or cancellation, we will charge your card 100% of the fare. Again, this falls under Pono Holdings, LLC DBA Pono Express policy. This is not the mainland; there aren't hundreds of taxis on the island. We use this as a precaution as we had instances when we showed up at 4:15 am and the customer stated that he is getting a ride with a friend to the airport. Hence 24 hours cancellation policy.

Q. What is a no-show?

A. No - Show is when we have dispatched one of our vans to your location, and there is no one there for pickup. We will charge 100% of the confirmed fare.

Q. What is a 4% convenience fee charged to credit cards?

A. In order to provide quick and convenient credit card transaction, we have to pass the credit card fee to our customers. We use Square for quick credit card processing through our smart phones.

Q. What if my plane is early or delayed?

A. We try to keep track of your flight before pickup through our website ( and be there if it is early or delayed. Even if the delay is past midnight, with our guaranteed prepaid reservations, we will be waiting when you get off the plane.

Q. Why do you need the exact time of the flight arrival?

A. We like to be waiting 10 minutes before your plane arrives.

Q. Are you ever late for a pickup or never show up at all?

A. We may be at times up to 15 minutes late, but this is extremely rare. This could only be due to unforeseen delays. But we always show up.

Q. Do you offer a Lei service at the airport?

A. We currently do not offer a Lei service at the airport.